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This was actually posted a day before, but because of site editing, the post date is today. No biggie.

Welcome to my little corner, specifically created for Dream.Build.Play 2017 by Microsoft. This is to be my notepad, where I hope to produce some not-so fantastic ramblings about my entry.

I'm José, a parent of one, with a kick-ass partner that puts up with my constant insanities, born, raised and living in Portugal.

Motivated by a long postponed dream, I decided to make a game for Microsoft's Dream.Build.Play 2017 edition. I do not yet know if I can make it on time (I always show up late to any party), mostly because abundant time constraints are the norm here.

But this time, I will at least pursue the objective to finish a project and publish it (I hope to make it to the store).

At the moment, I'm fighting a bit with the system setup and configuration ,but I'm ironing out the kinks and I am almost there.

Despite not having a specific game in mind, I'll possibly go towards an adventure game in the vein of Fatal Labyrinth, where the core of it is fairly simple (4-way movement), with simple inventory management, simple and streamlined combat and linear progression.

I am fairly sure I won't be able to include random dungeon / level generation, but hand-crafted levels can be interesting just the same. Of course, all art will be done by yours truly, because the budget is 0$. Considering the type of game, I believe I can make something not horrible, but my artistic skill is <= 0.

I want to make the game fairly short, because nowadays most people just want to play a game and not have a long term commitment with it. I hope to make it appealing to an occasional return, but the play through shouldn't be horrendously long.

The tools of the trade:

OS: Windows 10

Middleware: GameMaker: Studio v 1.4.1772

I hope I won't have to change any setup, because the particularities between Gamemaker v1.4 and the different Visual Studio versions are very time consuming.

I'm also at the moment setting up the profile page(s) and other relevant info and I'm a bit slow. I'll be going solo because I don't think I can respect schedules (I'll be working whenever I can, if I can).

If anyone sees this, I hope to hear/read from you!

I'll post more soon enough!

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